Behind My Favourite Things you'll meet Louise.
Louise has been working in the Danish fashion industry for more than a decade, and has been taking part in developing and growing well-known designer brands for years.

From the very beginning of MFTK, Louise's main focus has been to create classic and timeless wardrobe favourites of high quality, that lasts for more than a season: simple but aesthetically pleasing designs with thought out details, always aiming for 'the perfect fit'.

Louise says; 'After more than a decade in the fashion industry, I experienced a saturation of overconsumption and mass production. I felt a need to go back to my roots, crafting my wardrobe with my own hands.
I was frustrated to see how collections became outdated almost before they hit the stores, and wanted to create something more long-lasting.
This is how the idea of MFTK came to life.
I've taken the advantage of my many years of experience within fashion and design and created a brand of timeless knitwear without an expiry date.'

At MFTK you'll find knitting patterns at all different stages of difficulty. The patterns are written in a precise and straight forward language, making MFTK a great choice for both brand new and more experienced knitters. The wide range of patterns allows you to develop your personal knitting skills elevate to the next level.

You can follow the universe of the brand at Instagram @myfavouritethings.knitwear.

Welcome! And thanks for knitting along. 

// Louise

contact: info@mftknitwear.com